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Home : General FAQ's : How do I contact the WebSoftware Support Team?
Q10002 - INFO: How do I contact the WebSoftware Support Team?

WebSoftware is committed to our users and we will go to any length to ensure that we provide world class support for our users and perspective users. There are several methods of getting technical support depending on your locale and situation.

General Support

For all users - including evaluation versions and registered/activated users - by:

  • Support Center - http://support.wsoftware.biz
    Our Support Center includes our Knowledgebases, FAQs, and continuously updated as new issues are found out. This should be the first place to look before you contact our support team to make sure what your inquring about hasnt already been addressed previously.

  • Email support@wsoftware.biz
    Our primary support email address, usually it will take us 12-24Hrs to reply to your query during the weekdays and 24-48Hrs during the weekends.
Developer Support

Developers who require support with our SDKs or tools should use the above methods or:

  • DevCenter - http://www.wsoftware.biz/dev/
    Our DevCenter contains topics and information aimed soley for developers keen on learning more about the internals of our software and extending the functionality by using our SDKs. Updated frequently with new articles, FAQs and information, samples etc.

  • Developer Support Email - developers@wsoftware.biz
    Our Developer Support email address should only be used for development related emails. Reply times may vary from 24-48Hrs depending on the amount of email we are recieving at the time.
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